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Our tinctures and day gummies are USDA organic certified!

From tinctures to our skincare products, we have you covered for all your CBD needs!

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  • Gummies

    This tasty CBD treat is discreet enough to use whenever you’re on the go. Our gummies are gluten free and select gummies are now USDA certified organic. We also carry sleep gummies with CBD, melatonin and THC.

  • Tinctures

    Discover the power of our alcohol-free CBD oil tinctures to increase a sense of calm and balance. Pure and natural, without any artificial additives.

  • Topicals

    Introduce CBD into your daily routine with our topicals! Our lavender eucalyptus salve is great for soothing sore muscles, and our unscented cream is perfect for your beauty routine. Enjoy the premium-grade quality of our CBD products!